Edward Snowden Land is a social experiment for direct democracy, because many governments fail on many topics.

We examine the laws of different countries and suggest improvements. These are discussed and then voted on. If there is a majority, we create a petition for a topic. We also help each other in this community.

The ESL is added as a fictional country where we make rule proposals for the Internet or a perfect state.

One milestone is a petition calling for direct democracy.

Please note that this project is not officially supported or maintained by Edward Snowden. (yet)


In Germany, large parts of the population are dissatisfied with politics. The current coalition appears deadlocked. Lobbying has a strong influence, and there are other abuses. We want to make the world a little better and fairer with this project.

Support us

There is already a petition we feature here. Please join Direct Democracy for Germany. Register or just join the discussion for a supported messenger. You can just idle there to show support. Just click on one of the invitation links. We are also happy to help you with any private problems.


Chat rules

  • Minimum age is 18 years
  • Let others finish their talk
  • No flood (better one long message instead of many short ones)
  • No violence
  • No discrimination
  • No illegal content (German server)